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Updated: Apr 25, 2019

“Never giver up. Great things take time.” -Imperial Mindset

Everyday, sometime between my first cup of coffee and lunchtime, I get a “bing” on my phone…

One of my social media outlets notifying me of my “memories” of the day.  I always find a few minutes to indulge in them- they are usually pictures of my children, or some shenanigans my husband and I have gotten into with friends or family over the years.

Whatever it is, it undoubtedly makes me smile- because 90% of what I post, like most others is the good stuff….  Except these last few days.

These last few days, my memories from five years ago at this time have been encouraging quotes, a few sentences written here and there, definitely looking for a boost from those online friends… I was not in a good spot. 

I was most certainly grasping at straws, trying to hang onto any bit of motivation I had to Keep. Moving. Forward.

I was about 8 weeks post-op, just shy of 60 days from my bilateral total knee replacement. 

We were hitting it hard every day at physical therapy. 

I was doing really well, but the recovery from this surgery is truly no joke.  I left there many days in tears.  I knew it was necessary, I knew what I signed up for, but I had almost hit a wall. 

Scar tissue would build up, and at the end of the session, in an effort to prohibit that scar tissue from adhering, once my muscles were warm and I was stretched, my therapist would bend my knees to their maximum flexion. 

Every week we strive to gain a few more degrees, the ultimate goal being as close to normal movement and bending of those bionic joints as possible. I cannot even begin to tell you, the white hot, searing pain of that movement. 

I knew it was coming- we would talk about everything and anything. I would inhale sharply and BOOM. I never yelled, I don’t think I ever cried out. 

I just let the tears come. 

Those days mentally took a toll.  I knew the end-game was what I wanted, but the day-in, day -out, to get there, ugh. 

Seeing those “encouraging,” and “motivating” quotes in my memories… brought me right back to the mind set I was in those days….

So what’s the point here?  Motivation- it comes in all shapes and sizes.  Sometimes we find it in the most unlikely places, too….

Have  you heard of Diana Nyad?   

Labor Day weekend, 2013, at the age of 64, Diana swam 111 miles, from the shore of Cuba to the shore of Key West. 

Continual swimming, for 53 hours.  Non-stop.  No shark cage. 

Yes, she had a flotilla of support, a team like no other, that literally had her back, but SHE did it. 

She proved that no matter what the standard, no matter what you “should” be or “shouldn’t” be, if you want something badly enough, you can find a way to achieve your goal. 

Incredibly, this happened as I was recovering from my surgery. 

I followed her progress intently.  Every media release, every interview- she was just incredible! She immediately became one of my role models.  I

f she can swim the impossible, I can finish this very basic physical therapy, no matter how miserable I may feel. 

“Find a way.” That was her tag line. 

It became my silent mantra.  I would find a way.

I found a way. 

Slowly but surely, everyday. 

I turned to family, friends, caregivers for inspiration and motivation. 

I turned to my computer- looking for little snip-its of hope and encouragement that I shared with my social media world. 

Somehow that became a big piece.  Looking for the snip-it, posting it, sharing a few words or feelings about it.  It was very therapeutic.

Finding encouragement gave me a sense of empowerment.  A sense of control- control over a situation that I felt I had no control over. 

Looking for these pieces of encouragement steered me into a much more positive mindset as well. 

You’ve heard the saying you are what you eat, right?  I believe that goes for your mind as well. You are what you think.  What you do, and read, and hear, and see, over and and over, that all sticks. 

We need to be careful about how we speak to ourselves and what we say to ourselves.  Like children, we are always listening to ourselves, and we will conform to what we tell ourselves. 

Pump in the good stuff, you’ll get good results.  Feed nonsense and garbage, don’t expect positive outcomes. 

On dark days, reading positive messages, positive affirmations, hearing positive words from loved ones, those good words should help you make the difference in your mind set. 

No, they won’t solve your problems, or necessarily get you through your therapy session, or do any hard work for you- but they will put you in the proper mind set so you can best accomplish what all that it is you have set out to do.

By being Motivated and getting into the proper Mind Set, you will Find A Way.

Be Well.


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