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The Bee's Knees

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

“It's you. It's always been you.

When you read the above caption, what comes to mind?


That special someone?

What about you? 

That’s right- you- You, yourself….

Over the past month, I came in contact with two incredible women.  These two women reminded me about this message.  That it’s all about us.  We create our own destiny.  We have the power to make our dreams a reality, or just keep dreaming.

Let me tell you a little about this… of course it all comes back to the knees!

A few weeks ago, while scrolling through my social media feed, I came across a post by Shape, a fitness magazine geared towards women.  The picture was of a strong, fit, beautiful woman, sitting on a large tire….. with a large brace on her knee. 

I of course stopped, read the brief story under her picture, and was of absolutely intrigued enough to keep clicking to find out more about this amazing woman. 

Her name is Angela Gargano.  She is a former NCAA gymnast, fitness professional, American Ninja Warrior, and oh, so much more! During season 10 of American Ninja Warrior, this past May, she tore her ACL while competing in Philadelphia.

What “should” have been a career ending injury, was was mere blip on the screen for her.  With grit and sheer determination, after her surgery she rehabbed hard and just recently sent in her submission for season 11 of American Ninja Warrior. 

I was so incredibly impressed by this woman’s incredible spirit, I felt compelled to reach out to her. I sent her and email, with a link to OpportuKneety Knocks.  I never imagined she’d communicate back… BUT SHE DID!  And not only did she, but she read MY story and her exact words to me… “I’m obsessed with this! So happy you are doing this and so happy you were able to read my story!!! :)” 

Reading her words to me gave me just a little more wind in my sails, I AM making a difference, one essay at a time, one conversation at a time, one moment at a time, by sharing my story, just as she does, sharing hers.

Fast forward now to this week, another stellar soul makes her way across the country from Las Vegas, and into my ear in New Jersey… A lifelong triathlete and coach, she’s designed her life around health and fitness.  Climbing into middle age, as so many of us seem to be doing (um, how can we stay 29 for ever, for REAL?), her knees are beginning to wave the white flag.  Talks of replacements have begun, a mutual friend of ours who was familiar with my journey, sent her to OpportuKneety Knocks and we ended up on the phone for over 45 minutes…. The connection was almost instant, the love for what we do/did professionally, and in our pastimes and how we choose to follow our passions.  Oh, and the knees….

My story was not meant to influence her potential plan of care, but to help her make her best decision, for her. She gave as much to me during that phone call as I hope I gave to her, it was another amazing boost.

Every body, every injury, every illness is different. We all heal different, we all feel pain differently. No one has the right to tell you what your decision  should be about your care, that comes from you. Should it be a collaboration?  Yes, absolutely.  But your voice should absolutely be the biggest one.

Now back to that quote… “it’s you. it’s always been you.” 

I read that quote and it speaks to me about believing in me. 

Believing I can do it. 

I can overcome whatever obstacle is thrown in my way, real or perceived.  Be it during physical therapy or the gym (one more set!), while trying to create a new image or idea for a budding business, caring for a family member and meeting resistance, you have the strength in you. 

You do. 

When you feel like giving up, do one more, write one more line, give one more hug.  You won’t regret it, and most likely it’ll be your best work.

It’s taken two specific instances of me hearing this, and me needing to live it, interestingly enough, both physical, before it truly sunk in for me. 

The first, my pre-op visit, prior to my knee replacements.  My surgeon told me, “I do fifty percent of the work, I put in the hardware.  You need to do the other fifty percent and move that hardware everyday, in order to make this work.”  I took that to heart.  It was up to me.  It had to be me. 

Second, a year or so ago, while I was working with my trainer at my gym, another member stopped and paid a compliment to my trainer about how I was looking, my trainer graciously accepted the compliment, but quickly stated that it was me that did the work, to make the changes happen.  I thought about that later- he was right- I certainly listen to what he says, but I put in the work, again, it’s me.

I may not be an American Ninja Warrior, or a well decorated triathlete, but I am me.  I have experiences and and an education.  I have a platform to communicate.  I have passion for the things I believe in and I want to make a difference, I want to help ease the journey for those yet to travel the path I already have. 

If I can make huge differences in my life with simple changes, by listening to others who are experts in their fields, by collaborating with other like-minded individuals….. imagine, just imagine the good that could be done, those that we could help, if we communicate and work together. 

It really would be the bee’s knees!

Be well! -Laurie

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